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BK is the Royal Founder of the Dutch oven and known throughout at the world for a heritage of innovation.

Since crafting the first modern enameled Dutch oven BK has continued to innovate, with unique products designed to look as good as they function. Granted a predicate Royal in 1951 by Queen Juliana, the company stands for timeless quality and groundbreaking design.


Authentic and inventive originals, BK reimagines tradition with any eye towards the future, proving what’s old can always be new again.






BK Founded


Hendrik Berk Van Kampen starts out making milk churns, pots, pans and other cooking utensils.



The Enamel Layer


Hendrick’s son, Johannes Berk Van Kampen becomes the first to add a protective layer of enamel to his beaten steel pans and tins. With his invention, Johannes lays the core foundations for BK and the modern Dutch oven.

The Dutch Oven


The culinary icon is first introduced. Known throughout the world as the quintessential Dutch oven, the design has remained a favorite for generations of Dutch families.







The Age of Aluminum


More and more Dutch households switched to cooking on electric or gas stoves. BK launched its first aluminum collection especially designed for these stovetops.



Royal Predicate

The Royal Predicate


BK is awarded with a Royal Predicate by her Majesty Queen Juliana. The Royal Predicate can only be awarded to an organization that’s highly prominent in its field, of national importance and in business for at least a hundred years.



"The Secret Is in the Base"


BK was the first to develop the bonded base, a feature which is still used today. The bonded base allows a pot to heat up more quickly while distributing heat more evenly. BK was also far ahead of its time with innovative cold handles.



The wok reinvented! Innovative, unique and utterly original, the award-winning Wokarang reimagines the classic wok with a patented bowl-shaped edge to make tossing your food effortless.







A Dutch tradition since 1851 






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